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Population Projections — Definitions

Updated: August 2019

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  • Total Fertility Rate - refers to the number of children that an average woman will bear in her childbearing lifetime based on current birth rates. The long-term replacement rate needed to maintain current population levels in the absence of any migation is 2.1.
  • Migration - generally refers to the flow of people moving to and from a region. From the Province’s perspective, there are three types of migration:
  • International migration - refers to individuals moving to and from another country;
  • Interprovincial migration - refers to individuals moving to and from other provinces; and
  • Intraprovincial migration - refers to individuals moving to and from regions within the Province.
  • (International and interprovincial migration impact the overall population level for the Province. While intraprovincial migration does not impact the overall population level in the Province, it does affect the population within the regions.)
  • Mortality - having to do with death and life expectancy. In the projections provided this refers to the life expectancies for males and females.
  • Diagram Components of population change:

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