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Occupation Projections — Definitions

Updated: Fall 2018

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Job openings: the number of positions expected to become available due to expansion/contraction and attrition. See example below:

Example: Technical occupations in life sciences (NOC 222)

There are 47 openings projected in 2020 for technical occupations in life sciences – 9 are due to an increase in the number of positions and a further 38 are due to attrition (replacement of workers leaving permanently because of death or retirement). See calculation below:

The number of positions in technical occupations in life sciences is expected to increase by 9 in 2020 (i.e. demand for workers in 2020 minus 2019: 1,430 –1,421 = 9). This is an expansion of 9.

Furthermore, in 2020 an estimated 38 workers are expected to permanently leave due to either death or retirement (i.e. attrition or replacement).

Therefore, expansion (9) + attrition (38) = 47 job openings.

Ratings: numbers from 1 to 4 that gauge the likelihood of labour supply meeting labour demand for a specific occupational group. For more information on the ratings see Methodology.

Demand for workers: the number of workers required to meet the forecasted employment levels over the period. Changes in these levels reflect economic expansion or contraction.

Attrition: workers expected to permanently leave the labour market due to deaths and retirements. This is often referred to as replacement demand.

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